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Hi Friends! We’re glad you’re here.

We founded Three Sisters Essentials (3SE) after years of dreaming of a way to bring our love of nature and sustainable living into a market format in our hometown of Camden, South Carolina. Being the fourth generation of a large family, we were inspired by summers of shelling butter beans and shucking corn under the oak canopy in our grandparents’ front yard – hence, the tree in our logo!

After earning our keep helping with the vegetables, we were rewarded with days on Lake Wateree fishing, tubing, skiing, and countless half-bags of potato chips (please ask us about this story!). These days instilled our great love of the outdoors and were the cornerstone of our childhood.

Three Sisters Essentials logo
Three Sisters with dad

Those sweet memories were brought back to life when we became South Carolina Master Naturalists. We’re continuing our journey to learn more about all the cool things we see in nature, why they are there and how they all work together. 

Being a Master Naturalist is about citizen science, sharing knowledge with others in a relatable and beneficial way, and most importantly, having fun in nature! The idea of helping others learn about sustainable living practices in our own community was born on this journey, and we love meeting and getting to know each beautiful person who visits 3SE!

The awesome microgreens you pick up in our shop are grown 15 miles down the road at a beautiful family-owned farm and not driven across the country. The pickled okra, incredible pepper jelly and pimento cheese are handmade in local commercial kitchens. 

Three Sisters Essentials is focused on educating and sharing with the community while supporting other rock star local farms and businesses owned by cool folks and their families.

The deep, generational love we have for Camden and the beautiful state in which we live is the basis for it all — a local grassroots market, a community base camp, for not only the storefront but also for sustainability classes and local adventures.

We share the planet with every other living thing, and the ecosystem in which we live depends on us as much as we depend on it. Let’s all come together to adopt more sustainable practices, one step at a time.

Inside Three Sisters Essentials in Camden, SC

Love and good vibes!

April Rodgers and Tara Boone
Sisters, Co-Owners and Naturalists