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Three Sisters Essentials

Goods, housemade recipes, and work by local artists all available right here in Camden, SC

Seasonal Local Groceries

From heirloom tomatoes to freshly grown herbs, shop for meats, dairy, veggies and fruit from local, Kershaw County farmers.

3SE House-Made

The 3SE sisters bring you their favorite homemade recipes, pre-made for you and ready to pick up in store.

Local Artwork

Beautiful, handmade pieces by Mike Barnum. Cedar is an aromatic & multi-colored wood – making it perfect for home decor pieces that offers loads of warmth and visual interest.

Locally Sourced

We get our products from people we know, who grow and make their goods right here in our community.

Sustainable Living

We support sustainable lifestyles because that’s how we grew up. And we want to teach others how to live sustainably.

Family Owned

They say there’s no bond like sisterhood and we’re living that mantra out by running a business together.

Our Story

The seeds of what is now our store were planted when we were kids.

Even though we didn’t know it, the days of shelling butter beans and shucking corn in the yard of our grandparent’s Camden home laid the foundation of our life’s work.

Those memories and the things we learned gave us a love for the land. And we wanted to share this love with others. It’s why we became Master Naturalists.

Today, in our store, you can come in and buy produce that was grown just 15 miles down the road. The goods we have on our shelves are made by people we call neighbors.

We’re not here just to sell you something. We want to help you learn how you can live sustainably and support your community because that’s how we grew up.

And we want you to enjoy everything our local farmers and creators offer as our family has for generations.

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