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We feel a kinship to Frontier Co-Op’s story. The cooperative began in the late 1970s. It was just a two-person operation in a small cabin by a creek in Iowa. Like us, they had a heart for offering natural, high-quality ingredients that improve people’s lives. 

Fast-forward to today, and Frontier Co-Op products can be found in stores nationwide, including ours. They’ve stayed true to the cooperative mission and now have over 40,000 members. Frontier Co-Op offers many types of spices, herbs, and baking mixes that use fresh and, often, organic ingredients in many recipes. 

Think about any supermarket or grocery store you shop at. On every shelf you’ll see packaging waste on just about every shelf. In just a few minutes, you could spot several examples of plastic waste used to package and sell our food. 

However, we’re beginning to see more stores look for alternative solutions through “zero-waste” strategies. Zero-waste seeks to offer products without using disposable packaging or additional waste. 

Some grocers are beginning to adopt zero-waste principles. They’re eliminating plastic bags and encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable totes. We’re well aware that much of our waste ends up doing harm to our environment if it ends up in an ocean or waterway. 

Most grocery stores’ spice and herb section is a great example of unnecessary plastic packaging. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of options, including different brands, flavors, and sizes. Most of these are in plastic and glass containers that are thrown away once they are empty or expired. 

Buying in bulk helps eliminate this problem. It reduces the amount of single-use plastic packaging that’s thrown away. And it reduces food waste. So, we intend to stay true to our sustainability mission by selling Frontier Co-Op products in bulk. Trust us, their stuff is so good you won’t have any problem using it all. 

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